Curt’s passion is making a difference in people’s lives. Through his more than 38 years of business leadership experience, he’s seen firsthand how everything rises and falls with leadership, which is why he’s committed himself to helping people — namely executives and entrepreneurs —  grow those skills. Over the past 10 years, people mentored and trained by him have become top sales producers.

Curt grew up raising sheep and cattle in Northern California, where his family had a cow calf operation, and has worked in agribusiness his entire career (all he ever wanted was to be a cowboy).

His experience includes green field market development, building teams and organizations, recruiting, training, and mentoring team members. Additionally, he has extensive experience in cross-cultural environments, having lived in several foreign countries and traveled to more than 20 countries as a speaker and in business development.

Beginning in the feed business and then moving to commodity risk management, Curt focused on grain elevator business in Colorado, Kansas, and the Texas Panhandle. When new opportunities availed themselves, he built a multi-million dollar business in Spanish-speaking Latin America focusing on consumptive demand, local farmer organizations, and governmental agencies.

From there, he moved to Brazil and set up the first foreign subsidiary company. In four and a half years, the office grew from Curt working in his house to employing 33 people, and became one of the firm’s largest revenue sources. Upon his return to the US, Curt spent time working with European offices, as well as significant time in Australia and Asia focused on business development.

After more than 33 years with Farmers Commodities/FCStone/INTL FCStone, Inc, Curt now utilizes his experience and expertise to assist companies and organizations to move to the next level. He is a certified teacher, coach and speaker by the John Maxwell Team — John Maxwell is globally recognized as the foremost expert on leadership, with more than 80 books on the subject of leadership.