5 top rated books on entrepreneurship

5 top rated books on entrepreneurship

Whether you have an idea, are ready to launch a product, or own a small business, there’s always more to learn. Here are 5 top rated books that will provide you with entrepreneurial insight no matter where you’re at in the process.

The 4-Hour Workweek

This #1 New York Times bestseller, written by Tim Ferriss, has been featured on more than 100 media outlets and has been translated into 33 languages. Whether you are an entrepreneur or 60-hour per week employee, or somewhere in between, this book contains relevant information such as how to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours, how to train your boss to value performance over presence and secrets of remote control CEOs. Ferriss also wrote Tools of Titan, which covers topics such as financial steps and morning routines and is meant to be read sporadically and not cover-to-cover.

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries addresses situations that are commonly faced by startups. This book provides a new discipline of entrepreneurial management and shows the Lean Startup method in detail. Ries discusses how to change direction and adapt to make your business successful. The New York Times bestseller focuses on bootstrapping a business and keeping it lean even when business starts booming.

$100 Startup

Chris Guillebeau shows that you don’t need a lot of money in order to become successful. Guillebeau identified 1500 individuals that created businesses from a small investment of $100 or less (that earn more than $50,000) and focused on the 50 most dynamic cases. This New York Times bestseller contains the most valuable lessons from their stories. Guillebeau is all about living a meaningful life of adventure and purpose and reaching freedom and fulfillment.  

The Tipping Point

This book by Malcolm Gladwell is a study of fads refers to the moment when an idea crosses the threshold of becoming an epidemic. Gladwell uses the medical phrase, “the tipping point,” to refer to the moment that something becomes viral. “One dramatic moment in an epidemic when everything can change all at once.” Gladwell explains how ideas, messages, products and behaviors spread like viruses do. The examples detailed in his book include the popular sales of Hush Puppies shoes, how rumors are spread, teen smoking in the United States and the decline of New York’s crime rate. Gladwell is a staff writer for The New Yorker.

All In

Bill Green shows what it takes to go from a startup founder to a CEO of a publicly traded company. Green is a long-time entrepreneur that took his first business, Wilmar Industries, from a flea market table to an IPO. His company is now owned by Home Depot with revenues exceeding $1.8 billion. Green uses his achievements and failures as examples to give practical tools to launch a big idea or take your current business to the next level. With this book, Green hopes to inspire entrepreneurs to grow a business with passion and joy.

Pick up one of these top rated books for a tip, tool or piece of advice that can help take your business to the next level.