How to inspire employees at work

How to inspire employees at work

Whether it’s a startup company or a large corporation, employees are an integral part of the success or failure of a business. Don’t lose your top talent due to a lack of inspiration in the workplace. If you’re a CEO, president or manager, inspiring your employees is worth the extra effort.

Show your face

If you are just a name on an email thread or a face on a website, employees will have a difficult time connecting with you, the company and the overall mission. Having a personal connection with top executives and leaders motivates employees to work hard and do well. Meet with employees frequently, or when schedules allow, and when appropriate, speak with them face-to-face rather than through phone calls and messaging systems.

Lead by example

A company can’t expect an employee to show up on time and be excited about a product when their leader shows up late everyday with an apathetic attitude. Excitement is infectious and employees tend to mirror their bosses. Lead by example and set a standard regarding work ethic, behavior and attitude. If you’re at a large company with multiple levels of leadership, top executives should convey this message to all leaders such as managers and supervisors.


Employees connect with each other every day at work but it’s important to make time for more meaningful conversations outside of the workplace. Set up team-based events, group activities, social gatherings, or team lunches. Employees that have personal connections to the people that they work with feel more connected and committed to the business and the overall vision of the company.

Empower your employees

Give your employees more of a say in how they do their job. Welcome input and suggestions and if appropriate, implement their ideas. Reach out and ask your employees for opinions as some individuals might not open up if they are not directly asked. If employees feel that they are contributing in a bigger way, they will feel a sense of belonging.

Purpose and profitability

Turn an employee’s success into a significance. Employees are inspired when they see how their job matters and how their hard work goes beyond profitability. It gives an employee extra motivation when they see that their reach goes beyond the numbers and extends into the community or influences social causes. This allows an employee to better visualize how their role contributes to a larger goal.

Individual attention

Employees want a leader that pays attention and genuinely cares. An employee is more likely to look for another opportunity if they feel isolated or alone. Offer direct praise when they excel and offer personal coaching or initiate one-on-one conversations to help them walk through a work-related issue.

Stop lecturing and start teaching

Employees respond better to a learning opportunity than a lecture. Employees are eager to learn and remain relevant. Instead of focusing on a mistake and giving them a lecture on why they are wrong, try a different approach like coaching or offering constructive feedback. Give employees the right tools and support to help them better perform their job responsibilities.  

Encourage personal growth

Offer opportunities for advancement and provide trainings to enhance an employee’s current skill set. Encourage networking opportunities and professional development activities. Helping employees perfect their current role and preparing them for future positions within the company boosts morale. Investing in your employees through programs like job shadowing, tuition reimbursement, mentoring and coaching shows them that you care about their career and their future. Not only will these things improve the success of your employees, but it will also impact the success of your company.

An inspired employee is a happy employee. Inspiration can help avoid  turnover, improve workplace satisfaction and increase productivity.