8 Signs your leadership style needs a refresh

8 Signs your leadership style needs a refresh

The skills it takes to be a leader reach far and wide. They are developed over time and are ever-evolving in nature. But, like many other things in our lives, leadership skills can easily fall stagnant while other more pressing issues and needs take center stage. To stay relevant in today’s workforce, and remain an asset to your employer, it is imperative to stay at the top of your leadership game. In reality, you may not even recognize stagnance in your leadership abilities but if you recognize any of the 10 signs below, it’s time to give your leadership a much-needed refresher course.

1. You lead because it’s your job

A shiny new title on your business card that signifies you as a leader is great, but if you only lead because you worked hard for the promotion and now, X amount of years later it’s “your job,” it’s time to review exactly why you’re still here. Leaders are distinguished for their skill as a company’s guiding light. If you’re leading a team just because it’s in your job description it’s time to take a few days (or weeks) and think really hard on your purpose as a leader. Practicing mindfulness is the perfect way to ensure you’re on track.

2. You lack cause and purpose

Being a leader just because is one thing, but if you lack cause and purpose in your mission, you might as well just put that effort towards something that really matters. Employees under you are searching for meaning and purpose in today’s job market. Be a leader who gives them just that.

3. You like to fit in

Wanting to fit in with the elite leadership group at your company doesn’t mean that you are cut out to be a leader. Great leaders were born to stand out, and often rise to the top because of these traits. If you desire to simply fit in, it’s probably time to review your leadership style and overall qualifications as person paid to lead others.

4. You aren’t sure what the person 3 levels under you does

At one point or another you’ve likely been there at some point early-on in your career, where a leader who is several levels above you has no idea who you are or what you do. Now, do we realize that leaders have their own workload and priorities that of which likely doesn’t include getting to know every name and detail of their downline employees? Yes. But we also know that great leaders take time to get to know, and genuinely care for, the members of their team.

5. You take credit for the team

The famous statement, “there is no I in team” exists for a reason, because without a team your leadership title wouldn’t exist. If sharing credit for a job well done with your employees chips the block on your shoulder, you may want to adjust that practice to become a better leader. The best leaders are credited with taking the blame, while passing along credit where credit is due.

6. You’ve thought, “that’s someone else’s job”

Much like “there is no I in team,” leaders who inspire from within, and work alongside their employees are likely to be viewed positively. The best leaders know that every job on a team is valuable and essential to the success of the group, and recognizes that it takes a multitude of strengths to achieve greatness as a team.

7. Work is just what you do during the day

Being a leader not only requires certain personality and philosophical intelligence, but it requires a serious commitment of time and dedication. After-all, a team is relying on you every step of the way. If work is just a paycheck, and leadership is just a byproduct of that paycheck, you may want to reconsider the way you’re serving the employees under you.

8. You are on a one-way path to success

Information channels are two-way-streets, much like relationships. This includes working relationships with your employees. The success of your leadership is only as strong as your ability to listen to those working alongside you. The employee’s working with you to achieve a certain goal are a wealth of knowledge and potential waiting to be tapped. If you don’t take a moment to listen to them, you are likely missing many details and opportunities that could in-turn make you an even better leader for all.