Why your change management plan must start with leadership

Why your change management plan must start with leadership

Change management is essential to the health of organizations, but participating in change management doesn’t just work if it comes from the top down. The most effective management of change in your organization must come from within, through positive leadership.

In times of organizational frustration and chaos, failing to change quickly enough can result in a significant (and sometimes even detrimental) loss of momentum. A change management plan that begins with a clear alignment of all leaders will be the most successful. Oftentimes companies are slow to change due to leadership gridlock on key issues which can ultimately affect how much time, money, and energy is lost along the way. Set your change management plan up for success by reviewing company mission statements, and ensure all leaders are crystal clear on purpose and goals.

Once you’re sure that the full leadership team is on board with your goals and purpose, you’ll want to shift the focus towards how your change management plan is prepared to trickle down the information. A strong plan will utilize leaders as influencers amongst employees to implement changes throughout their area of responsibility.  Successful, strong leaders should not only be able to get their teams on board, but ultimately they will impact how the changes are presented in workflow and also provide a sense of stability to their employees . This entire change process can appear seamless to your customers if the leadership portion is executed properly—which is the ultimate goal.

Likewise, change management only works when organizational silos are completely eliminated. Often Times it can be difficult for members of management to pick up on said silos, as they are not directly working within them but rather above them. Taking the time to openly, critically think about your organization and its potential (and unintentional) silos will ultimately ensure that your change management plan is set for success. If objectively analyzing your business — and its areas of opportunity — isn’t your strong suit, practicing mindfulness can be extremely helpful as a strategic way to analyze organizational flaws.

No matter the age or size of your business, having an organizational change management plan in place is essential. We live in a fast-paced world where flexibility and adaptation is key, and not having a plan to handle necessary changes can be detrimental to your company’s ability to survive and thrive.